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Seattle Waterproofing Pros

Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Seattle, WA

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If your basement is musty and moldy, it’s time to do something about it before the smells start coming through the vents. We recommend that you contact us at Seattle Waterproofing Pros. We have a variety of ways to waterproof your basement that we would love to discuss with you when you contact us to discuss your waterproofing needs. There may be other areas of your home that require waterproofing, which we are happy to also administer our services in helping you with. We want to help you protect your home's foundation and we know that we can save you a ton of money when we waterproof your home.

When you hire us, you’re hiring the absolute best, as we have scoured high and low to find the most qualified contractors to help with your waterproofing needs. We are qualified to help with cracks in the foundation, drainage pipes, cracked ceilings, sinking foundation repairs, sealed crawl spaces, fix a sagging floor, basement remodeling, slab lifting, house leveling, and so much more.

About Us

We protect the areas of your home that may become moist and damp for various reasons through our waterproofing efforts. We realize how expensive remediation can be, which is why we have assembled experienced contractors to waterproof your home. They are highly-skilled, qualified professionals who have been in the industry for several decades. With our team of reliable and efficient contractors, we can help protect your home and save you money on unnecessary repairs. It is because of our commitment to helping as many people as we can with their waterproofing needs that we also offer the most affordable waterproofing services in Seattle, WA.

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    Our Services

    Protect the place that you call home by relying on our professional waterproofing services. Even if you are not sure what type of waterproofing solutions will work best for your home, rest assured that we do. With our many helpful waterproofing services, we help protect your home’s slab foundation, post and pier foundation, garage foundation from damages caused by moisture. Once moisture is present, mold will start to grow, which can be very costly to get rid of. Mold is also dangerous to your health.

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    French Drains

    If you want to avoid drainage issues, we recommend our French drains to protect your home’s foundation. This is one of the most effective and popular drainage systems that we install. Many homeowners prefer it because it is a system that others are unable to see. If you have never seen this type of drainage system, give us a call so that we can discuss how we can install it for you.

    Sumps Pumps

    One of the best ways to ensure that water is diverted away from your home and that it doesn't eventually affect your home's foundation, it helps to have a dependable sup pump. At Seattle Waterproofing Pros, we offer the most durable, airtight sump pump systems, which are built to last. Our contractors have the experience needed to provide you with the most reliable sump pump.

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    Basement Waterproofing

    One of the many spaces that homeowners experience the most problems with moisture in the basement. If you have a basement, we can seal it with a basement sealer and help prevent mold and mildew from developing. Don’t wait until you begin to have problems with mold and mildew before you decide to do something about the moisture in your basement, take action now by contacting us today for your basement waterproofing.

    Waterproofing Decks & Patios

    One of the biggest problems with decks and porches is that there is often no way to stop leaks from water and flooding. The best way to prevent this is by waterproofing decks and porches. There are a few different options available to you in regards to waterproof your own decks and porches. This article will explore the different types of deck waterproofing on the market today.

    deck and porch waterproofing seattle washington
    Roof Waterproofing Seattle Washington
    Waterproofing Roofs

    Waterproofing your chimneys, which is done by a company called Roof Restoration International, can keep the smoke out of your house and help prevent mold from developing in your attic and around your windows. It's very important to waterproof your chimneys as a building owner, because moisture from combustion gases can build up to 100 percent in some buildings. Your roof needs to be waterproof in order to serve you well throughout your life on your own property.

    Foundation Repair

    We offer a variety of ways to protect your home’s foundation, which we would like to discuss with you. If you want to know the cost of foundation repairs, give us a call and our associates can discuss this with you. Perhaps you need home foundation repairs but are only hesitant because you're afraid of how much it will cost. Call us to find out for sure rather than continuing to put it off another day.

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    under installing a plasterboard
    Crawl Spaces

    The best way to fix a problem with your crawl space moisture problem is by encapsulating it. We can produce a clean, and dry crawl space. If your crawlspace is dry and clean, you won't have the threat of mold development. You can also prevent an infestation of pests from developing in your crawl space.

    unfinished wall and window
    Egress Systems

    A professionally installed egress window system will offer your basement good ventilation and it is sure to be code compliant. Give our experts a call to ensure that the egress system is properly installed. We are home waterproofing professionals who have several decades of experience with waterproofing.

    Mold Remediation in seattle washington
    Mold Removal

    If you think there's only one type of mold inspection service out there, think again! There are actually many different kinds of mold inspection services out there. In fact, some mold inspection companies don't even check for mold in homes. But, all mold inspectors are trained to detect the symptoms of mold and the problems it can cause in your home.

    Whether you're dealing with black mold exposure or another kind of mold exposure, you want to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are no "quick fix" options when it comes to mold removal. You can eliminate the problem temporarily with some inexpensive but effective methods, but you'll often have to deal with these problems again soon. In most instances, an average house inspection won't include mold testing and inspections.

    Radon Testing

    The presence of radon in a home or building can pose serious health risks to its occupants. Radon is a radioactive gas that can accumulate in the soil, the atmosphere and in the water that surround it. Radon gas has been associated with lung cancer, as well as other types of cancers including esophageal, prostate, and breast cancer.

    radon testing and mitigations seattle washington
    Floor Drains Seattle washington
    Floor Drains

    Floor drains are plumbing fixtures that are usually installed in a building's floor, usually designed to eliminate any standing stagnant water in it. They're usually round, although occasionally they can be rectangular or square. They generally range from around 2 inches to 12 inches; the majority are around 4 inches in diameter.

    There are many different types of floor drains, depending on how much you need to store and where you want to put them. Some are known as "trap drains" because they have a trapping device that kicks up the waste water, directing it down a drain. These are typically only used in industrial buildings where there is a lot of ground water and industrial waste is abundant. If you want to use this type of fixture in a residential building, you'll need a lot more flexibility.

    Wall Cracks & Repair

    As your house ages, cracks might happen in the foundation walls and joists. Cracks in masonry or cement between the bricks and poured concrete can let water get through and seep into your house, resulting in structural settlement problems and moisture damage. Furthermore, your house and everything inside it rests upon its foundation. When that foundation becomes cracks, you can expect the whole house to crumble, as well as the contents within it.

    When it comes to houses with basements, almost every homeowner is affected by some kind of major or minor damage. This is why basement walls must be sealed and repaired immediately upon discovery, especially when these walls are made entirely of concrete. Unfortunately, there are times when minor cracks turn into serious problems. In these cases, homeowners might notice water leaking from the wall or notice some dimpling near the floor.

    wall crack repair seattle washington
    Contact Our Team Today

    When you want to protect your home's foundation, make sure you can be having the parts of your home that can affect it waterproofed. If you're not sure what areas of your home should be waterproofed, give us a call at Seattle Waterproofing Pros, and allow us to consult with you about it. We have a waterproofing solution for any of your needs.

    “When we decide to have our home waterproofed, we knew exactly who to contact Seattle Waterproofing Pros. They have done work for us before and they did such a great job that we decided to use them again.” – John J

    “We experienced a flood in our basement on more than one occasion so we knew this last time that we needed to do something about it. It is why we contacted Seattle Waterproofing Pros. They offered us a very reasonable rate and did an amazing job. Now, we can start remodeling the rest of the basement. We got our money's worth by working with this company.” – Robert R.

    “After hearing about how much my neighbor had to spend on his foundation, we decided to take precautions by having our home professionally waterproofed. Seattle Waterproofing Pros came highly recommended, which is why we chose them to perform the job for us. They were worth every dime, as we are very satisfied with the quality of service they provided to us.” – Gary T.