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Foundation Repair Seattle Washington

house foundation wall repair

You may have foundation issues and not even know it. You might have a foundation that has been poorly damaged because of water coming in contact with it. If you have a problem with your foundation, you shouldn't ignore it because it could cost you later. It is best to deal with foundation issues head so that the repairs are minimum. Water intrusion can create all sorts of problems that can be a pain to fix. It is why so many in Seattle, WA rely on Seattle Waterproofing Pros to waterproof their home. If you want to avoid costly foundation issues, we recommend you do the same.

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    Foundation Damages

    You are likely wondering how you can determine if there is a problem with your home's foundation. What you should know is that the soil under the foundation may start to loosen up or shrink, which causes the house to start settling. When this occurs, you’ll start to see cracks on floors and walls. Once you begin to notice the cracks, you can assume that there is a foundation problem. Don’t panic because there is something that can be done about it. However, you’ll have to recognize that there is a problem and then, contact our experienced contractors to evaluate the situation.

    Effective Foundation Repair Solutions

    At Seattle Waterproofing Pros, we offer effective foundation repair solutions. Here are some of the repair methods that we use:

    • We offer wall stabilization that will provide your wall with permanent stabilization and strength.
    • We permanently lift and secure beams by installing heavy-duty threaded steel columns.
    • We use piers to secure your home’s foundation. It helps us to transfer the weight of your home.
    • We level and seal sinking and cracked concrete slabs with the use of our concrete products.

    We base the solution that we use for your foundation repairs based on your individual needs.

    Reputable Service Professionals

    We know that your home is important to you, as it is to most people who have worked hard to have a place to call home. Let us help keep you and your home safe by allowing us to make any needed repairs to your home's foundation. Our services are effective, which is why we are the most reputable foundation repair contractors in Seattle, WA. Through the use of top-rated equipment and products, we are effective in all that we do. Call on us for proven effective results.


    Effective Foundation Repairs

    Most of us have been in the waterproofing business for at least a decade, which means that we know how to effectively assist with any of your waterproofing needs. You can always depend on us when you need effective foundation repairs. We have assembled the most competent team of experts to care for the needs of our customers. When you want the best, don’t settle; contact Seattle Waterproofing Pros for your foundation repairs. We take our time to effectively identify the problem and then offer the most reasonable solution. We guarantee your satisfaction.


    Foundation Piers

    Foundation piers are a very important part of any basement waterproofing project. A foundation merger is simply a long flat wooden bar with a strong screw attached to it that's used to seal the ground below the foundation. They are used to support retaining walls, level new foundations, or to anchor appliances and furniture in the basement. Most people believe that if they see indications of foundation movement, that their only choice is costly foundation piers.

    However, there are other less expensive options for waterproofing foundation walls and strip foundations that include interior foundation piers, exterior foundation piers, and metal piers. Exterior foundation piers are typically made out of steel. They are placed on top of the soil around the foundation and extend outward towards the home. The depth of the exterior foundation piers is dependent upon the depth of the soil.

    Interior foundation piers are placed inside the home and extend from floor to floor about a foot above the ground. They are usually constructed of wood, though other materials such as vinyl and fiberglass have also become popular over the last few years. Many interior foundation repair methods can be accomplished without using pilings at all, but this does require more excavation and may require professional assistance. Some interior foundation piers are supported by metal girders that extend out from the house and connect to the deck beneath the home. These types of foundation repairs are much less expensive and take less time to complete than traditional pilings.

    There are three main types of foundation repairs that must be performed in order to ensure that your home is safe and will not receive additional damages in the future. All three methods should be carefully considered before proceeding with any type of foundation repair due to the potential for damage being done to the structure itself. There are three main categories of foundation repairs; concrete piers, concrete and piers, and sub-slab depressurization. Each has its own unique set of foundation repair requirements, which will be listed below.

    The most common type of foundation repair involves a foundation piers installed to relieve any pressure that may be placed on the foundation by external factors such as soil that expands and contracts with time, and building movement. Piers are most effective when they are properly installed to prevent any movement of soil or the building materials underneath. This is usually the cheapest way to relieve any foundation movements, especially where the foundation piers is already being used.

    Sub-slab depressurization is slightly more complicated and expensive foundation repair method due to the fact that it requires the removal of part of the slab. Removing a large area of concrete in an expensive way is often times not possible or desirable. In this case, concrete slabs are typically lowered into the hole created by piers with special equipment that interfaces with the concrete and the surface below. Drilling is then done on both sides of the hole so that the concrete can be shaped before it is poured.

    Concrete and steel piers are the most common forms of foundation repair, though there are many other types that can also be used. Concrete piers are designed to rest on top of an excavated area of the basement while steel piers are installed to rest directly on the floor slab. Steel piers are the most commonly used, though concrete piers are used in some residential and commercial buildings due to their low cost. This type of foundation repair is more costly than piers made out of wood, though it can be the preferred option if the home or building is in fairly good condition.

    While wood and concrete piers are the most commonly used foundations repair options, steel piers are also used for the same reason - to provide a safe foundation for those who live or work in the structure. Steel piers are typically larger than wood piers but are typically much less expensive, which makes them a popular choice. The most important thing to remember when choosing foundation repair is to pick one that is best suited to the needs of the individual or family seeking repair. Different options are often available so that each person's particular foundation repair needs are met in the most cost-effective way possible.