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Roof Waterproofing Seattle, WA

Roof Waterproofing Seattle Washington

Waterproofing your chimneys, which is done by a company called Roof Restoration International, can keep the smoke out of your house and help prevent mold from developing in your attic and around your windows. It's very important to waterproof your chimneys as a building owner, because moisture from combustion gases can build up to 100 percent in some buildings. Your roof needs to be waterproof in order to serve you well throughout your life on your own property. Some of the most common reasons why you should waterproof your chimneys are:


Sealing or waterproofing your roof should be done periodically, especially in places like porches and decks that are highly used. Sealing the roof and surrounding flashing usually fixes the initial leak. The roof-top usually consists of an insulated concrete slab over the existing clay tile roof, which separates from the remainder of the roof.

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    Protect Your Home

    Gutters and roof leaks are other problems you should waterproof. Gutters are the pipes that carry away water from foundations and downspouts. Leaks on the roofs happen mostly because of improper installation and shingles may be installed too loosely. Waterproofing prevents damage to your home from both a roof leak and a gutter leak. When you waterproof your gutters, you also protect the rest of your home.

    If you live in an older home, it might be hard to waterproof your chimneys due to the materials used. In this case, it's more economical to have a professional waterproofing company come out and give your chimney a thorough inspection. This inspection will help you find places where you can waterproof your chimneys, so you can get one step closer to protecting your home from both a roof leak and a chimney repair.

    Prevent Ceiling Damage

    Prevent roof leaks by waterproofing your attic floor, walls, and ceilings. This ensures that your home doesn't suffer a leak. A leaky attic starts with moisture seeping in from outside, then the accumulated water gets trapped inside the structure resulting in humidity levels that are conducive to mold formation. Roof vents and downspouts are also prone to leaks as they can be blocked by insulation and blown over. Having a professional waterproofing contractor in Seattle, WA perform a comprehensive inspection will help identify problem areas and suggest solutions for waterproofing.


    If you are having trouble waterproofing your chimneys, you'll need to focus on mortar joints between bricks, chimneys, and skylights. Waterproofing these joints isn't difficult, but you must be patient as it takes time for the waterproofing to take effect. Take special care to watch brick seams as small cracks in the mortar can widen and allow water to seep in. Other areas that are vulnerable to waterproofing are chimneys, ceilings, and walls.

    Even if your house has a finished basement, there are still parts of your interior that can be susceptible to waterproofing. For example, basement walls can suffer from cracks because they aren't always braced properly and have sharp corners. Small cracks can also occur where the mortar is not applied correctly; this can also lead to moisture seeping in. Another area prone to waterproofing issues is the foundation of a masonry chimney, as the mortar joints are often located there. If these parts of your foundation are starting to leak, waterproofing them will be necessary.

    You don't have to put up with suffering from dampness or mold contamination in your home. Get a professional waterproofing company near me to inspect your roof, chimneys, vents, and other vulnerable areas, and have them perform recommended repairs. You can reduce the risk of mold and mildew from occurring by putting in a skylight, a water barrier, and a waterproofing system for your roof and other areas.